Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tips to download lovers to support the market

Author: Chen Xubo

After spend broadband, the most happy was undoubtedly the friends who like to download, but there followed an anxious question, that is to see other "fellow" Because I enjoyed downloading, the hard disk have "injured", the reason is very simple, on-line a lot of good stuff, tall are several megahertz or even G, download up better than a few hours, long suffering strange not to hard disk broke! How best to protect the hard drive, I believe the following "Tips" can help you a favor ... ...

1. Increase the disk cache. Run "Windows Optimization Master", choose "System Performance Optimization 鈫?disk cache optimization", in the right panel, combined with their own memory, in accordance with the recommended values adjust the software disk cache, and finally click the "Optimize" button.

2. FlashGet's Save the frequency adjustment. FlashGet is the users one of the most commonly used to download the software, it provides a common hard disk protection mechanism - first data downloaded to the buffer, to a certain amount of time and then written to disk. This mechanism can be effective in preventing frequent disk operations. In FlashGet's main interface, the implementation of the main menu "Tools 鈫?Options" in the "Options" window, switch to the "General" page, find "the data is written to disk when receiving" option (Figure 1 ), set the value to the maximum of 1000, the downloaded file will be 1000KB Save for the unit.

3. BT player of the Gospel. BT is currently one of the most popular download tool, but unfortunately, many BT download tool is the data is written directly to disk, so a long time, damage the hard drive can be imagined. In fact, many of the BT download tool, you may consider using the "bit Wizard", which in addition to providing functionality similar to FlashGet download manager, also has the intelligent control of the cache and many other features, the related website: http://www / bscn.htm.

Installing "bit Wizard", when you click on a BT download link, pop-up "Add New Task" dialog box (Figure 2), see the "largest cache block" option, right? Each block size is 256KB, the initial default value is 60 for 256MB of main memory, the value generally meet the requirements, if you have more than 384MB of memory, it is recommended to enhance the value.

The points mentioned above, are essentially by increasing the buffer to read and write, to reduce the number of hard disk read and write to achieve the "burden" of purpose, we can judge the whole.


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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baidu C2C into difficulty and ambition

Baidu C2C strategy start number for the industry to some accidents.

Gengrang I was surprised that the announcement yesterday launched Baidu C2C program only drew a pie, cake painting on paper, who also eat less. It released the contents of the only interpretation of its rationality into the C2C market, and look forward to the market prospects and expressed the determination to enter the C2C, as in the end will show what kind of C2C platform, it is not very clear.

I can only be understood from the perspective of the other two Baidu's behavior, and one for the stock, two for the eye.

To some extent, Baidu announced within the expectations of this message should be - of price. The price of the 52 weeks up to 359.45 U.S. dollars, a low of 82.99 U.S. dollars of the company, obviously very concerned about their stock price.

Since January of this year, along with the U.S. technology stocks rose, Baidu's stock price has more than tripled.

Although the markets are on Baidu in 2008 operating income of confidence in the situation, but Baidu will release before the third-quarter earnings, JP Morgan Chase and Credit Suisse invariably lowered third-quarter revenue is expected to Baidu. Both reasons are, since mid-September, the Chinese shut down many small and medium sites, these sites are likely to be Baidu's Alliance Web site, Baidu's revenue therefore have some negative impact.

Of course, the short-term income is expected to decline does not affect the eyes of U.S. investors, Baidu is still a good company, many people are still bullish on Baidu, and is expected to break 400 U.S. dollars of its stock.

Some people may say, Google more than 600 dollars, but with Google "from the video site to telecommunications to mobile operating system" attack on all fronts compared to the expansion of the style, focus on the Chinese search market, Baidu seems to be difficult to catch up with Google's footsteps. Moreover, price gains were lower than Google, Baidu, in the past year, Google stock price up to 641.41 U.S. dollars, the lowest was 416.70 U.S. dollars.

Chinese technology stocks has no doubt there are two hot spots, first with the Giants as the Jinshan listing and online game company listed on the myth of recycling, the other is the strength of the Alibaba B2B market. Alibaba has started road shows is clearly a big fanfare, at the same time, it is also expected to improve the financing amount to 13.2 billion dollars.

Alibaba and the Giants in November before the listing, the Chinese Internet and to the global Internet, the eye is concerned about their body. Baidu hate to lose the eye.

As a result, had looked with no direct competition between Alibaba Baidu finally sit still. While certainly not the past few days into the C2C decision, just as Baidu itself said, looking at eBay eBay buyers in China, when Baidu will move this idea. However, the choice at this time that the dream into C2C, Baidu is clearly the carefully selected "auspicious."

For consumers and the Chinese C2C market, Baidu C2C is simply to enter the market more than a choice, if it really can change the current pattern of C2C also not a bad thing, in the face of strong Taobao, China's C2C need to update a higher power .

But Baidu naturally cautious to see the Chinese C2C can not restore a free war, it changed the eBay eBay and Taobao's fate, that are incomparable to C2C giant headache for profit model also plagued Baidu. Baidu is just to tell you why it was coming, but do not tell you specifically how to do it.

The fun has yet to China's C2C.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wang Yukun: Power in the Union Heavy Industry "butterfly"

See Wang Yukun the day, it is precisely the assumption of office in the United Changsha Heavy Industry Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zoomlion) Information Officer whole days a year, and he is also the first ever Zoomlion any full-time CIO. For now, Wang Yukun trip every two weeks back home in Beijing, the other most of the time in the office and Zoomlion from between one expert. And Wang Yukun floor with living in the experts there are many experts in the field like him.

"Now, the company's executive team has about 30% are professional managers hired from the outside, and have formed various echelon, of all ages a more complete management team." Company chairman Wang Yukun quoted as saying: " centuries together, not just one generation to the corporate good, our generation continues, the person must Nenggen come back. "

Zoomlion IT Minister Wang Yukun

In Zoomlion there is a very special department, called the "personnel department." "The fact is tube and train cadres of the department, they are responsible for discovery of new seedling from the outside, and the introduction to the companies. This is different HR functions, they focus on training and reserve personnel executives." Explained Wang Yukun said.

In fact, the introduction of talent is only in recent years, Zoomlion a "major move" part. In fact, look back to its history, Zoomlion never a lack of such high-profile "big move." In 1992, the founder Zoomlion carries "technology industry" and "Industrial Technology" of the dream, bold first step out of research institutes and went in the forefront of the times. In 2001, Zoomlion in less than eight years, the successful listing. In 2005, Zoomlion had become an internationally competitive and innovative enterprises.

However, the midday sun Zoomlion continued rise in rapid development in the same time, the new competitive landscape is also followed. In the distance Zoomlion factory within 15 km, has the birth of China's construction machinery industry in three listed companies, including two ranked in the world 50. To this end, Zoomlion again to change and Wang Yukun's arrival and its lead Zoomlion year completed a series of significant changes in information technology are among them.

System security

Wang Yukun before the arrival of Zoomlion information system is a "universal ERP". Back in the 90's, Zoomlion independently developed a management system. "One started customer management, and later increased production management, process management, and so more and more features, almost Suoyou function has one point." However, Wang Yukun 璁や负, this "universal ERP" Qi Shi as ZOOMLION of Fazhan has achieved a lot, but later with the expansion of business scale, the system seems to have been insufficient.

"United is not never considered in the new system, in fact, did the number of attempts, but ultimately failed." Wang Yukun defeated in a so-called final attempt to deploy a new system that is considered on the line in 2002 a set of Oracle CRM system.

Wang Yukun analysis of the circumstances that the biggest problem is thought not ready, we still lack of understanding, "there it shall not have it does not matter." The reason why this happens, because the company has developed a certain set of customer relationship management software, has already been using the Kingdee financial software integration. As it has been used to the old system, the financial department heads do not want to change the new system. Because of the financial sector, conflict, end the CRM project to nothing.

"At that time they all branch offices, there is no division, fragmentation, high costs of communication." Wang Yukun said, "At the time of construction machinery industry are still struggling with management, business development soon, the management structure unstable, so big scale systematic information can not advance. "

However, this situation since 2005 has changed. That time, Zoomlion in the new competitive situation, put forward a professional, shares, international into the direction of the "fission, fusion" strategy, its core meaning is that the upper and lower chain extension of the main industry first fission, after fusion. Extends up and down in the industrial chain, the Zoomlion creatively from a management, technology, culture, capital and other areas of cooperation in integrated plant and incorporated into the Zoomlion unified supply chain management system, thereby strengthening radiation on the upper reaches of supporting enterprises, give full play to the Union in the industrial chain in the main role and leading role in promoting the industry ecosystem, particularly the common prosperity of local supporting businesses. The "fission, fusion," the idea is that the tour by product category, company set up the basic unit, each unit will be relatively independent in the face of the market, its functions include the development and trial products, production and sales of conventional products, after-sales service, and all other business processes.

"In 2006, the gradual shaping of this strategy, business unit systems are almost completed. 2007 to 2008, the company has conducted a large number of mergers and acquisitions to further strengthen and improve the division system." Wang Yukun introduced in 2007, the company began consider a new round of upgrading its information technology. "Especially to the 2008 Zoomlion Information wind direction changes, IT departments are looking for previous operations on the system, is now the division IT department on the system requirements. However, when there is no complete plan, who do not know exactly where to do that, how to do it. "Moreover, when the company most of the leading construction machinery are born, not in-depth understanding of the information, for specific projects is the signature should not be a" headache . " To this end, the company CEOs committed to the Division must be in the year prior to September 1, to find a suitable person to assume the work of information.

Although the change is several times, before and after the final few candidates failed to stay, but Wang Yukun or officially on August 24 that year the arrival of the.

IT Support

"After the arrival of the first three months I have been with the division chiefs 'fight'." Wang Yukun told reporters. In fact, Wang Yukun is completed with three months of his company's overall IT system construction plan. However, the "lucky" is that Wang Yukun "noise" out of the planning was almost did not encounter any obstacles in the case of the company passed the high-level recognition.

In this plan, Wang Yukun made "transparent, efficient and controlled," the overall objective. "The company gets bigger, the boss's hand shortened, and uncertainty in the mind the circumstances of each business unit. Furthermore, the efficiency of the Division also declined." This is Wang Yukun found during the preliminary investigation and the circumstances, therefore, he hoped information through transparent information system to manage the efficient and controlled business.

However, Wang Yukun do not believe that this goal can be achieved in a short time, "at least three to five years under ideal conditions to take three years, if the middle of unexpected difficulties, or perhaps it needs five years. If this Kan into a particularly fast process to end the fighting, then this project certainly die, are certainly hard to do so, this is the law of the industry. "

Among the specific plan, divided into two levels, the group control level and division level. At the group level, Wang Yukun that the "control" as the core, improve office efficiency and monitoring capabilities, property systems, office systems, human resources systems are vertical applications, always in the end does not allow division set up its own independent system.

In the division level, while the core is a product launch, including product design, manufacturing and after-sales service. "It's part of the system is the division to build their own, but the brand is seeking reunification, specifically, is 500,000 yuan or more individual items to be brand unification, to find a variety of small companies do not allow." Wang Yukun said that to achieve focus control of the brand must be uniform enforcement of the rules.

One year later, according to initial planning, Zoomlion completed the group of OA system upgrade, PLM system, two completed, financial leasing system on-line, on-line spare parts management system, ERP system, which is nearing completion ... ... executives on Wang Yukun job evaluation is only two words "effective."


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Monday, September 27, 2010

Joint Commerce and Industry of India: India will rely heavily on computer hardware in China

British "Financial Times" Amy Ye (Amy Yee) in New Delhi

Joint Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) warned that by 2010, India is expected to worth 35 billion U.S. dollars of computer hardware will depend on China, accounting for more than a third of expected demand, the Government of India highlighted the neglect of science and technology industry , as positive as China.

銆??杩欏鍗板害鍟嗕笟浜т笟闆嗗洟鏈?柊鍏竷鐨勪竴浠芥姤鍛婃樉绀猴紝鏃ョ泭澧為暱鐨勫浗鍐呴渶姹傚皢鎰忓懗鐫?紝鍗板害瀵逛腑鍥界數鑴戠‖浠剁殑渚濊禆绋嬪害灏嗚繀閫熸彁楂橈紝鍥犱负鍦ㄤ腑鍥芥斂绛栫殑鎺ㄥ姩涓嬶紝涓浗鐨勭‖浠朵环鏍兼洿浣庡粔锛屼骇鍝佹洿鍏风珵浜夊姏銆?br />
India Joint Business Council president 闃垮凹灏旈樋鍔?Val (Anil Agarwal), said China has chip manufacturing as a strategic industry, and the Indian government's policy has seriously neglected the development of hardware manufacturing.

Resulting a result, India's personal computer (PC) penetration rate "well below" the Chinese.

At present, India has about 10 million personal computers, the equivalent of less than 10 units per 1,000 people, while China has more than 40.

India Joint Business Council estimated that by 2010, India's IT hardware such as computers and the demand for chips will reach 93 billion U.S. dollars.

By then, India's domestic production is expected to reach 23 billion U.S. dollars, and the remaining 70 billion U.S. dollars worth of Chinese imports needs to be met.

銆??濡傛灉寮曡繘浣庢垚鏈釜浜虹數鑴戯紝鍒?008骞达紝鍗板害鐨勭數鑴戞嫢鏈夐噺鍙兘浼氬鑷?500涓囧彴銆?However, the Indian Joint Business Council, said the key to pushing down the price of local manufacture of hardware, but this sector is still "very small, depends on the assembly, and divided."

The organization said that in the past 8 years, India has been in the appropriate hardware manufacturing policy. India's hardware to ensure that "no longer at a disadvantage," they need to develop infrastructure, strengthen logistics support, an incentive mechanism, but so far not been much progress in these areas.

銆??鍗板害鍥藉唴纭欢甯傚満浠峰?浼拌绾︿负240浜跨編鍏冦? In the sales of products, one-third from China, and the rest from the mainland of China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, EU and U.S. imports.


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A flash drive to buy the real experience

One day they bring their friends to buy a flash drive, he wants cheap, friends, Chinese and a counter inside a memory MM plate, then leads to the following section of dialogue.

Friends: girl, may I ask ... This U disk, 256M of the cost?
MM: This should be 130 yuan.
Friends: What this does?
MM: This is our agent, the quality good, is the use of Samsung's new A class Flash chip, so it is slightly, to 160.
Friends: New? Could it be that girl the previous paragraph is still the second-hand?
MM: Oh! Nah, it shall not then the new Flash chips, not so good.
. . .

MM merchants parting with it, the friends face a whole, said: "Well, those cheap chips might be bad or even from foreign junk that came out of second-hand chip, they might lose data frequently swap, or buy there known point of it! "Ha ha! Child can be taught Confucianism.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

HR in the eyes of professional managers should prepare quality

Professional managers in China, despite the wide attention, but the local team of professional managers still sizable. Recently, the "knowledge Wei Xing Yuan" Fudan MBA cultural tourism activities focus on the third theme of the Forum "HR in the eyes of professional managers - MBA students should focus on training of literacy", around the "professional managers
Literacy "topics discussed.

Chinese Human Resources Director, said Wang Ling, corporate recruiters have to carry out personality tests, according to the strengths of his personality to give him the organization of work; the other part is the skills and techniques of investigation, mainly to see his past work experience; finally look at his values, one with the mainstream values of social development, the second is the customer values.

Xindi Si Shanghai Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. National Training Manager, Deng Haiqiong that the cultivation of professional managers literacy is HR (human resources director) need to focus on the things considered, candidates must be used with the company's values are matched.

"To my mind soul and eyes to light, conversation to profit, heart to heat, hands to do" is the Lotus Supermarket chain Luo Yibing, vice president of human resources department of the request. The company has enrolled in Fudan University's MBA graduates 5th, they first consider the candidate to have "big smart", must grasp of things, grasp of the strategy; followed by the eye to light, the candidate of their own grasp of the future is very clear and very understanding of their industry and market conditions; addition candidates to articulate their own, work hard, have passion in mind.

The most basic quality of professional managers is to have good professional ethics, this is the consensus of many enterprises, that is, shareholders and the absolute loyalty to the company, a high degree of professionalism, be able to observe the company's trade secrets. M organ Stanley Yan Haiyun that human resource managers are professional managers of occupational first quality. Luo Yibing also stressed the importance of professional ethics, she has been talking with the staff an example, when the stack of money in the face of corporate interests want you to sell when you want to clear the problem that the next 30-year career, his reputation Is it only the money value of the Da.

There is no doubt that professional managers should have the necessary operational capacity, which the professional ability, leadership is more important. Senior Human Resources Manager, Philips Lighting Alumia that as a professional manager is the first professional players, to the knowledge in this field there is enough in understanding the breadth, depth, also have sufficient knowledge. Also have to have a strong management capabilities, this is the only professional career executives. B & Q director, executive vice president of human resources that Chen Lili, a good professional managers, should be a good human resources manager, a good financial manager, then the professional manager. Alcatel Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd. Production Operations Director of Human Resources Kong Yi believes that professional managers of the most important quality is leadership, leadership is reflected in, and subordinate, superior and lateral communication and cooperation between colleagues, "Leadership our career in professional managers must pay attention to the quality. "

In addition, confidence, humility, integrity, affinity is also recognized as a professional manager that people should have the quality.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

World Cup counterparts: Illustrator drawing three cases of Football

The conduct of the 2006 World Cup is in full swing, how can we remain indifferent? On the bones of this tutorial provides three examples of tutorials Illustrator drawing football, let us also with the World Cup, a fire it! Text entitled "Drawing in Illustrator football", "Drawing with Adobe Illustrator Football" and "Using Adobe Illustrator to create real football."

Example of a video tutorial to teach you draw football

Click here to watch the video tutorial.

Examples of two, draw a simple football

Click here to read tutorial

Three examples, drawing a three-dimensional football

Click here to read tutorial

Example of a video tutorial to teach you draw football

Learning Points

鈽?polygon tool
鈽?reference line (Ctrl +5)
鈽?rotary tool
鈽?once again transform (Ctrl + D)
鈽?clipping masks (Ctrl +7)

Click here to play video tutorial

Right Click here to download the video tutorial (swf file, 2.30MB)

Examples of two, draw a simple football

Using the line tool draw a straight line as shown below (in combination with Shift key to draw a vertical line)

Will maintain the selected line, double-click the rotation tool in the toolbox, pop-up dialog box, shown below, set the rotation angle of 72 degrees (360 梅 5)

Click the "Copy" button, copy the line rotation

Implementation of the Ctrl + D (again transform) command three times

Will be a graphical implementation of the "View> reference is> the establishment of reference line", will become a reference line graphic

With reference to the center line of a circle, hold down the Shift + Alt keys, drawn from the center of a perfect circle, and round to coloring - blue; Stroke - no.

Select the round, double-click the toolbox, zoom tool, zoom tool pop-up dialog box, set up as shown below

Click the "Copy" button, get a copy narrow circle, will change its coloring - white

To a large circular intersection with reference line for the center of a circle, hold down the Alt key, drawn from the center oval, elliptical edge and a small circle and the reference line tangent

Hold down the Alt key, use the rotary tool, in the location of the intersection of reference line click to bring up the rotate dialog box, set the rotation angle as shown below

Click the "Copy" button, get a copy of the elliptical rotation as shown below

Implementation of the Ctrl + D command three times, will round out the three reproduce, use selection tool to the next round white picture hold down the Shift key to select

Implementation of the "Object> Path> Offset Path" command, set the pop-up dialog box as shown below

Click "OK" button, the path will be shown below

Colouring the path to - no; strokes - blue, thick strokes to 4pt

Draw rectangle as shown below

The intersection of reference line as the rotation center of rotation to replicate, as shown in graph 5

Reference line to the intersection of a circle, hold down the Shift + Alt key to draw from the center circle as shown below

Select all of the graphics

Implementation of the "Object> clipping masks> build (Ctrl +7)" command to the top of the circle on the bottom of the formation of shear effect of all graphics

Select using the grouping tool to create clipping masks for the round selected, to strokes to - blue, thickness 3pt

Implementation of the "View> Guides> Clear Guides" command will remove the reference line. Success, and the first pro-a mouth, ha ha.

Three examples, drawing a three-dimensional football

Always thinking about painting football these days, not many spade, and let's begin. Do not ask how such a shape, then painted, have already spoken, there is here, also spoke.

The fill to white, drag the symbols palette

Draw half circle, blue strokes. (Ye draw? Draw a perfect circle, with the direct selection tool to select half of the deletion of that half circle Mody)

Implementation of the "effect> 3D> Raozhuan" command, set in the dialog box as shown below

Click the "map" button, the "symbol" on the choice of the definition of the symbols on the steps, this step need to open the preview, watched adjustment

Preview satisfied, click twice the "OK" button

Results will be a copy, and strokes to white

Using the path outlined triangle shown below, and the implementation of the "Object> Compound Path> build" command. (If you do not know how to draw triangle is very simple, first in the layers palette that the ball will turn off the white display)

Select the white edges of the ball and complex path, the implementation of the "Object> clipping mask> to establish a" command

Using the pen tool draw the path as shown below, and its coloring to red

In the transparency palette will change its hue mixed mode

Using the same method to paint the color of the other

Pen tool draw the shape shown below and use the "Object> Arrange> near the bottom," the graphics placed in the bottom of football

Implementation of the "effect> Fuzzy> Mirror fuzzy" set as shown below

Click "OK" button, as shown in the results

Implementation of the "effect> Fuzzy> Gaussian Blur" setting as shown below

Click "OK" button, as shown in the results

Draw the shape as shown below and fill to the shape of the gradient

Select the following figure in two shapes, click the upper right corner of the transparency palette small triangle, the pop-up menu, select "Create opaque mask" command

The results shown below


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